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What is "Boende med häst"TM "Vacation with horses"?

"Boende med häst"TM ("Vacation with horses") is a registered trademark in Sweden containing the products "Cabin with horse" and "Room with horse".

The concept in brief

  • To offer vacation accomodation with possibility to rent horses for riding on your own.
  • To always give a high quality and offer a high level of hospitality.

Your advantages when booking with a "Boende med häst"-company

  • You get the possibility to rent horses as your "own" during your stay.
  • You will always get an introduction where you will get to know "your" horse.
  • There is always at least one "spare" horse if "your" horse is injured or otherwise incapable during your stay.
  • All member companies are quality assured according to a demand specification for membership.
  • You will certainly get a wonderful vacation together with "your" horses!


For english guests, please note the languages spoken section of each member company to assure that your chosen location is able to handle your language. Go on to the map and find your preferred location for your next "vacation with horses".

Booking and information

Information about specific member companies and booking is done directly with the respective member companies, please see contact information on the presentation page for each company.